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Sacha Baron Cohen does it again

Sacha Baron Cohen - many may not know him. Those that do know him either love or hate him. Currently many hate him, those being politicians, for his new upcoming show Who Is America? What is this guy about and what does he do to infuriate top level people? He is a comedic actor who uses 'personas' to get people to speak how they truly think. Even Donald Trump has been affected by Sacha Baron Cohen.


Some of the movies he has been in that many may know are:
Anchor Man 2: The Legend Continues

But his rise to fame has always been about mockumentaries with real people not realizing he is making fun of them and their views. Some of those are called:
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

And he is at it again with his new show called Who is America and already, before the show has aired, many politicians are pissed saying that they were tricked to say stuff like: "arming an infant with a gun is ok".

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