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Times Are A Changing

"You can't force an addict to get clean" is a common saying and way of thought. The same is true for all walks of life like, "You can't change their friends" or "Can't leave the ghetto". Basically it is saying that no matter how much YOU want a person to change, they will not change UNLESS they see a better value in it for them.

This is proven by how parents try to alter their teenagers behavior and get blocked but once the teen grows up and recognizes value in change, they easily and gladly alter their behavior and perception while groveling at their parents feet.


My point is simple. Just because you see value in something it does not mean another person will see the same. Without greater value sought, nothing changes.

Joe 12 days ago 0 21
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oh MY!
01.12.2018 (12 days ago)
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