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Do you remember Furby and the craze that came with them?
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First, I doubt anyone will care to read this. Second, I doubt anyone will care to comment on this or share this to others because I already realize NO ONE CARES. So, If I know that no one cares you may ask why am writing this? Because I gotta get it out. I
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"You can't force an addict to get clean" is a common saying and way of thought. The same is true for all walks of life like, "You can't change their friends" or "Can't leave the ghetto". Basically it is saying that no matter how much YOU want a person to c
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It's not just civil service employees that deserve a big Thank You from us.
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  Optimism and Spirituality Are optimistic people happier than people who are not optimistic? Is optimism an inflated view or thought process of the world? Is seeking spirituality connected to optimism? Well, yes and no. Being optimistic is different tha
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We have been in a Red/Blue division line that cannot be crossed. Seriously? We blame politicians for not compromising yet we fuel that desire with our own thoughts. We claim that our proud U.S. heritage is based on mixing and mingling of different cultures
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Every year there is a common negative theme “These are the worst of times” or “We are living in the end of times”. History is amazing but only if we remember the past. The common negative themes show that we often forget about our past and think we are the
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Here is a discussion board post I just did for my statistics class including making the chart... why don't I feel smart? lol The dataset I am using this week is the Female Health Data dataset. The two quantitative variables I am using is x(independent vari
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A great thing about #80smovies is many were about teen angst and the pains/fears of getting older and change. These days youth raised as all #winning have no clue until failure that effects us all
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He is so proud of himself!
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