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When a drug addict seeks treatment, a common way to treat them is to give them a REPLACEMENT drug. This is often used in a medical setting under a Dr's supervision. When an addict is addicted to opioids or heroin, and seek help to stop using, the treatment
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Every year there is a common negative theme “These are the worst of times” or “We are living in the end of times”. History is amazing but only if we remember the past. The common negative themes show that we often forget about our past and think we are the
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It's official, Zombie Land 2 with original cast is coming. It is time to nut up or shut up.
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Do you remember Furby and the craze that came with them?
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Everyone could see he had a problem. They all wished he could solve it on his own. After months of waiting, everyone agreed that an intervention was needed. So they sat him down. Made a circle to show support. They could tell he was resistant but they rema
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When the social majority have an opinion or belief, it is usually considered acceptable or positive. A person who holds the majority opinion is accepted for having the agreed upon opinion. But what about people that have a minority opinion or point of view
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Admit it. You do not buy refills. By the time it needs a refill you forget what kind to buy. Just end up buying a new kit.
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If you have had a mental diagnosis for several years while taking medication, you may notice a battle with the meds. This is more prevalent to people who have been taking mental health management meds for 5-20+years. A big problem is that our bodies become
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"You can't force an addict to get clean" is a common saying and way of thought. The same is true for all walks of life like, "You can't change their friends" or "Can't leave the ghetto". Basically it is saying that no matter how much YOU want a person to c
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It's not just civil service employees that deserve a big Thank You from us.
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